“Today, October 11th 2016 we celebrate National Coming Out Day – recognizing the difficulties faced by those who have to go through the hard, scary and sometimes painful process of letting family members and friends that they are not heterosexual. Tomorrow, October 12th 2016 we commemorate 4 months since the biggest mass shooting in the modern history of the United States took place in Orlando, at Pulse Nightclub. Catering to the LGBT+ community and their allies, this safe haven became the center of a massacre that claimed the lives of 49 people. Most of the victims were of Hispanic descent as the shooting occurred on a night dedicated to the celebration of Latin culture.

Up until now, LGBT+ issues and issues that pertain specifically to the Latino/a/x community have been treated with different pairs of gloves, as if they didn’t intersect. After the attack on Pulse, on the LGBT+ community, on the Hispanic community, it is more than clear that both communities are affected on a daily basis by issues that are deeply rooted in politics. Some of these issues are laws that allow easy access to weapons to individuals who can pose a threat to others; language-accessible services; and affordable health care are just some of the many.

Florida alone is home to over 540,000 individuals who identify as LGBT+ and out of those individuals, 18% are Latino/a/x. To believe that the LGBT+ community is separated from what goes around in politics is to turn a blind eye on reality and allow elected officials to dictate policies without taking in consideration the negative effect they may have upon an already marginalized community.”




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